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There’s a certain distinctive sound that a human body makes when it hits the floor, a kind of heavy thump. It’s not a sound you want to hear in most circumstances, certainly not when you’re just sitting around the house watching TV on a Sunday evening.

But that’s exactly the sound I heard last night, and it scared the hell out of me. I got up to investigate. It seemed to have come from the bathroom, and Xy was in the bathroom, or so I thought, but she wasn’t answering me. I barged in and found her lying face-down on the floor.

“What happened? Are you all right? Why are you on the floor?”

She answered: “I’m tired.”

Soon she regained coherency. It became clear that she had fainted while on the toilet. I won’t get into the details out of respect for Xy’s privacy but she almost fainted again before all was said and done. I thought I might have to rush her to an emergency room, at which point it dawned on me that I don’t even know where the nearest open emergency room is. Most of the hospitals in New Orleans remain closed.

Twenty minutes later she felt fine.

It seems like this is the second time this has happened, but neither of us had a very clear recollection of the first time. Was it last year or several years ago? I don’t think I was there.

I’m worried about her. But then I’m always worried about her. For a few minutes there last night, though, I thought she might be dying or something, and that was truly terrifying.

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  1. Bartender J Bartender J

    Wow, that’s intense and not so good. Have you talked with your doctor friend about this? I would think it might be a good idea to have her visit a doc even though she feels fine now.

  2. You making that doctor’s appt. now?

  3. You urged me to get treatement for the ache n my hand, and I now return the favor by urging you to make sure Xy sees a medical professsional soon. I’ve fainted three times in my life and each time it turned out that I was quite seriously ill and probably should have been seen by a doctor much earlier. You two have enough stress in your lives right now; find out where the nearest ER is right now.

    (steps off of soapbox)

  4. I think you know that loss of consciousness is a sign of something that could be bad.

    Find a neurologist (if you can)!!!!

  5. B,

    Please get XY to the doctor. This doesn’t mean that something bad is happening, it’s probably just exhaustion and the Flood.

    I’ve been sick for over three weeks, and most of that is because I’m depressed. We all are. (I actually have an appointment on Wed. at the V.A.)

    Rest, good food, vitamins, and some good laughs will help.

  6. Garvey Garvey

    Fainting = trip to doctor.

    Really no two ways about it. Better safe than sorry, and all that. But a loss of consciousness means a trip to the doctor. A good rule to live by.

    I hope all is well.

  7. Hoping Xy is alright. That’s a scary thing.

  8. Therese Therese

    I hope Xy is doing better. I was checking in on you guys via your web site because I was so down and out about Xy’s missing bike. Needless to say, her passing out is a bigger worry. Take care of each other and let us know if we can do anything for you and Xy

  9. Ochsner on Jeff highway is open, and they’re the best combination of professional/competent/nice I’ve ever seen. I encourage you to go there SOON!

    This, from a guy who suffered a somewhat severe head injury about 5 years ago. Do it.

  10. dental ben dental ben

    LSU’s ER is the closest to you…the old Lord and Taylor store in the New Orleans Centre…best docs in the world…and the facility has all that you need…they’re not busy so it’s not going to be a long wait…they can save you a trip out to jefferson or tell you where to go for follow up…

  11. Fainting is also an early sign of pregnancy. What? I’m just sayin.

  12. Yikes. Never having passed out before, I’ve done so twice since returning to NO after the storm – once out of sheer exhaustion and the other from heat. Both lapses in consciousness were momentary but worrisome nonetheless. A visit to the doctor revealed that all is ok, and I would recommend the same for the beautiful Ms. Xy. Is she drinking enough water? Ok, mom out.

  13. A Dr.’s visit is wise but fainting on the John happens soemtimes. Like fainting from getting up too quickly it can bew low blood pressure.

  14. MF MF

    I remember you talking about this before, in connection with migraines. How are her headaches these days?

  15. Jon Jon

    I’ve only fainted from heat, but a friend had a similar fainting spell. Turned out to be low blood pressure, brought on by overwork and stress. If he had kept pushing himself he would have more serious problems, but a week in bed followed by some lifestyle changes did the trick. Loss of consicousness equals Doctor visit seems like a sensible formula. Oh, by the way, we’ve never met, I’m an old friend of Jim Hurd, a more recent friend of Mike Whybark and a once and future Bloomingtonian.

  16. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    my wife is a bartender and i am a cook……… we live in gentilly and she quite her job 4 weeks ago…….. she used to make sick crazy ass money but we have never been happier since she quite her job………

    she has been taking care of the house in her free time and i am feeling less pissed at the world as a result…………..

    your house reminds me of my house and thats why im posting here………. the stress is a biotch man……… the whole city govt is. on hold until the election ……….it’s is equaly insane that we have to wait for the the real deal untill may 20th………..

    we used to be renters in mid-city and thats how i found you blog. good luck and holler if you need help. rick t.

  17. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    maybe a drink at finns where the girls could talk while we bitch about the saints or mick’s or angellos ice cream joint or………………… man i miss mid-city………..

  18. Scottica Scottica

    I have passed out cold twice since the hurricane. Before that I’ve only passed out once before in my life, when I was signing a paper for an aids test I passed out at the doctor’s office, I was freaked about the aids, it was too much for me to think about. But twice since Katrina. In February I was voiding my bladder, flushed, and fell back out cold when I turned to leave the area. I woke up soon after and felt really weird, it was pretty late on a Saturday night when it happened. That shit was weird. The other one was more of a light headed fall to the floor when I got up too soon when sitting criss-cross-applesauce (same month), but I guess I technically didn’t pass out.

  19. Hey B –

    Glad to see ya’ll are making progress on your house. We’re at the ‘fight with the mortgage company to release some kind of funds’ part of the process, hoping we’ll have a new roof by start of hurricane season but not holding our breath!

    Anyway, re your girl fainting – I can report that Tulane’s ER is up and running – though if you get admitted, they are rather short on nurses and you’d best have someone to bring you food as there is no cafeteria – or wasn’t a month ago. I know ’cause I ended up with appendicitis a little over a month ago and had to have the useless thing removed – thankfully, Tulane’s ER had reopened about 3 weeks before that. The doctors were great, and other than the nursing shortage (mostly meaning they were often 1-2 hours late with the pain meds, which did not make me a happy camper) I can’t complain. And though you guys probably, hopefully, have health insurance, they do seem to have some kind of assistance for those of us without (of course this happened a couple of months before we are eligible for health insurance through my husband’s new job) – still waiting to see what that amounts to, but it’s nice to know they are trying to help folks out and WILL take care of you regardless. I’m counting my blessings that this did not happen in September or October!

    If you’re ever in the Bywater area come by and say hi – I’ll give you a tour of our mess and we can have a drink, etc. on the balcony and watch St. Claude TV 😉 You can find my contact numbers and such on the website – I’m around most of the time. Oh, and one of these days I suppose we will start holding Green Party meetings here again (if you rmemeber, we were getting ready to set up an actual GP office at my place).

    Good luck to both of you and keep an eye on Xy!

  20. I’m so sorry to hear this, and I guess I’m with the crowd saying it’s most likely low blood pressure and the crowd saying she should see a doc. Take care.

  21. David David

    Call Matt and see what he thinks. I hope she’s OK.

  22. Has she been to the doctor yet?

  23. I’m touched and a little overwhelmed by the responses. Xy, characteristically, is just embarrassed that I even posted this. She still doesn’t seem to take it very seriously, but at least she’s agreed to see a doctor, hopefully soon. If she was a child I’d take her myself, but of course she’s an adult so all I can do is nag her.

  24. I hope she’s feeling better. I’m also glad she’s going to see a doctor.

    I decided to be uncharacteristically terse because this is serious stuff. The blogosphere obviously wishes XY well.

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