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Holy Hell Week

I haven’t consumed an alcoholic beverage since Mardi Gras. A number of my friends “kinda sorta” gave up alcohol for Lent, but they all gave up on giving up some weeks ago, and they look at me with a mixture of amazement and annoyance.

Instead of alcohol, I’ve mostly been drinking mineral water. After sampling a number of different brands, Gerolsteiner is my favorite, no question. I think I like it because it’s so highly carbonated.

This is the last week of Lent. For my final act, I am going off coffee as well. I’ve been tapering off all last week, and today is my first caffeine-free day. Slight headache, but not to worry. I know what I’m doing. This is my Fourth Annual Coffee Reduction.

I’m looking forward to several days of blissful drug-free sobriety before I break my boozefast on Good Friday. Then I will descend back into a vortex of drunken depravity.

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  1. Giving up booze is admirable but giving up coffee? The mere thought gives me the willies, heebie jeebies, you name it, it gives it to me. You are made of sterner stuff than I am, Editor B.

  2. I’ve quit caffeine twice before, and I’ve found the best trick is large amounts of 100% grapefruit juice. It allegedly contains some kind of enzyme that is supposed to help.

  3. You earned by it spurning it. I highly recommend a good Spanish red wine from Toro, Jumilla, Ribera del Duero or Rioja. If you’re grilling some lamb chops, these will complement your descent into the vortex of grapes.

  4. Then I will descend back into a vortex of drunken depravity

    Oh, thank god, I was beginning to get worried and left out there.

    Speaking of caffeine, time to get some before I rip the throat off the next innocent who walks through my office door.

  5. Pismotina Pismotina

    Hooray for you! I too have made the alcohol free sacrafice for lent, & I must say it is not as hard as I thought. I may sound like I just came from an AA meeting, but I had been thinking I needed to slow down for quite a while, & my body is totally thanking me. No hangovers, no stomach acid issues, no weird dreams & puffy face. I have more energy when I jog, & I am the hero for being the designated driver.

    In the last 3 weeks I’ve been to several social events where it was like looking at myself through a mirror on one of my past typical jolly drinking fest. I am scared to go back to that place – they are not flattering. I am not one to cast the first stone by any means. I did just fine, although it was tough to belly dance at the morrocan restaurant without the assistance
    of that liquid brain numbing potion.

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