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Normally we have a meeting of all staff at the beginning of each semester. But this semester is hardly normal; we had the meeting today. It was pretty emotional. I know I choked up when the VP of Finance made mention of those who’d passed away in the wake of Katrina. I was reminded once again just how extraordinary it is that we got up and running in just a few months and started classes January 17th. Our campus sat underwater for three weeks. Today I saw pictures for the first time. Since then, the University has done some millions of dollars worth of repairs, probably upwards of $40 million. Federal aid? A little: Apparently FEMA gave us $2,600 to help with the removal of flooded cars. More is coming, so they say — but it sure is taking a long time. Insurance? We got a partial payment only when we filed a lawsuit against the insurance company.

And then we got down to the mundane matters of sexual harrassment training. “Pornography has no place here or anywhere in your lives… You should not even do that at home.” Well, it is a Catholic institution after all.

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  1. LML LML

    Ahh, catholicism……….Not coming from that particular religion myself, it seems like a cult. If you just sit back and watch the “traditions.” When I started dating my wife (a non practicing catholic) it just seemed weird around family functions. When I told her how I felt, she even noticed the “cult-esh” themes intwined within that religion. To each his own I suppose. Thats one of the founding principles of this country!

    Its amazing that a scholarly institution would have to sue their insurance company for payment on damages.

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