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Neighbors are coming back. Not just new folks, but neighbors from the old neighborhood. I discovered this the other night when I saw some lights on the upper floor of the house at Iberville and Lopez. They’ve got a generator, and they’re living upstairs. I don’t know these folks, but I expect I’ll meet them soon. The downstairs was an ultra-low profile hair salon before it got flooded. (I had walked past dozens of times before I realized it was there. No signs.)

Also, Gwen got her trailer.

Gwen's Trailer

She called Entergy to find out when she can hook it up to some juice.

The answer? May. May! That’s two months from now.

And they’re talking about raising utility rates big-time.

And so the recovery crawls onward.

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  1. Do you see this as an opportunity to build a stronger neighborhood…communicty…via people who return and try to make sense of the madness? Conflict seems to bind folk. A common foe. Does that seem to make a stronger Nola possible in yer mind?

  2. HELLO chistiie and bart!!!! maybe jo. Today is my birthday i am 33. Lot’s a dumd folx think it’s la meme chose when Jesus was killed boot its NOT . I ‘m sure bart’s reseasrched the idea boot my own ideas i’ve always loved t discuss with the bitch. DAvinci Code blah, sometimes i think he’s been the only voice of reason— likwe KERMIT-thee_FROG.
    Chiristie?? Wil you come to MY wedding and show all who love me WHO am II?? My fiance is not like me, he is a robot of the 80’s like you once were. He’ll probably fall in love with you and that’s ok. As long as he marries me, it’s just that he doesn’t believe me when i tell him there is life beyond tennis shoes. Please return love…


    you know about true love…………. HELP me show him i’m Not crazy

    ps. bart i take Lamictal now!!

  3. David David

    “HELP me show him i’m Not crazy”

    Ah, Kelley, judging by your post, I’d say Xy’s got her work cut out for herself. And really, Xy’s got enough work just being a teacher, so cut her some slack.

  4. Hi Kelley! Happy Birthday! Long time no hear from. Hey, what are you taking Lamictal for? I understand it’s presecribed for a number of different things, but I assume from the way you mention it that you’re taking it for seizures. You’ll be happy to know I seem to have outgrown my seizure problem and have been off meds for a few years now.

    And M.A.D., you nailed it. At the very least, I will be striving to be a better neighbor from now on.

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