I’m back in my office for the first time since August 26th. I was amazed to find everything pretty much just as I left it. If anything the place is cleaner than it’s been in a long time.

Fisheye Office

It’s good to be back, but things are a little different, a little weird. There’s a bunch of trailers on campus, housing employees who lost their homes. There are fences all around, as until today entrance to campus was tightly controlled to prevent looting.

I spent the day talking with co-workers, catching up on who got flooded, and how deep, and who’s back, and who’s not coming back, and who got cut.

Only two of the staff in my unit are left: Janice and me. She was on unpaid leave for the last four weeks, while I haven’t missed a paycheck. We had a staff meeting, just the two of us and our boss. We hardly know where to begin, or what to do.

  1. Listening to the Food Show on WSMB shortly after posting this, I learned that today, the first Monday after the Feast of the Epiphany, is known as Plow Day. This was the day farmers would go back to work after Xmas. Tres appropriate, eh?

  2. I just got a great email from my Loyno-son and he’s on day 2 of classes and is excited. Loves his classes and teachers, especially one tatooed, spiky-headed fiction-teaching person (he didn’t mention gender). Happy Birthday next week. I guess greeting your students is, in some small way, celebratory.

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