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My Xmas with Xy

Xy and I didn’t really exchange gifts this year. That is, I got her a gift but she didn’t get me anything. She’s a Scrooge, but I’m a sentimental old fool.

I stopped into an upscale used clothes shop on Christmas Eve and saw a cool scarf. I knew she’d like it. But I was taken aback by the price: $20 for a used scarf? I left the place empty-handed, but only got half a block before I decided: “What the hell — she’s worth it!” I went back, bought the scarf, and discovered it was actually only $6.

I considered that the equivalent of a $14 discount for true love.

Xy loved the scarf. Here she is looking fabulous with it:


I heard recently that “pitch-in dinner” is a Hoosier regionalism. In the rest of the country people say “pot luck dinner.” I don’t know if that’s true, but Xy made potatoes au gratin and we went to George and Pam’s for a Christmas pitch-in yesterday.

George had a remote-controlled Fart Machine which provided plenty of cheap laughs. But the food was good.

Afterward Xy & I took an exploratory drive to a part of New Orleans we’d never visited before: English Turn.

We saw a barge beached on the levee by Katrina’s surge. I’d heard about this, but had no idea where it was. So I took a picture:

Barge on Levee

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  1. I’ve never heard the term “pitch-in dinner”, and I’m from northern Indiana (Elkhart) originally. It’s possible, however, that all of my elder relatives were just really OCD about cooking a lot of food.

    It is funny though that when googling on “pitch-in dinner”, 7 of the first 10 results are from Indiana. (A few are from PA, though.) Adding “Elkhart” to the search brings up a whole armful of results, so I guess I just led a sheltered life.

  2. pam pam

    Thanks for coming! The potatoes were incredibly yummy. Mmmm….

    sorry about the farts.

  3. I was having an interesting conversation with George’s dad, and that damn machine kept farting in the background. Eventually I tracked it down and turned it off. The last laugh!

  4. I always thought that “Xy” was the wrong abbreviation for Christy. It seems to me that if “X-mas” is pronounced Chris-mas, then “Xy” should be pronounced Chrissy, and “Christy” should be abbreviated as “XT”, for “Chris-Tee”.

    I just had to get that off of my chest.

  5. You don’t pronounce the “t” in Christmas?

  6. Uh-uh.


    But, besides that, your show is flawless.

    (Actually it’s on right before my show these days on CATS.)

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