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Pix from NOLA

Utility Room

I’ve posted a bunch of pictures from the trip Michael and I made to New Orleans a few days ago. I’ve put ’em all in this set.

Xy in the Trash

Mostly I took pictures of my home and possessions, for insurance purposes, but I did take a few pix of more general interest around town.

Molly's at the Market

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I might have, because I was busy shooting video which should appear in a future episode of ROX.

Michael has posted a lot more pictures.

Common Ground

He put the best ones in a small set but if you want to see them all try looking at the photos he’s tagged “katrina.”

Evacuation Note

Of course you might also do some tag-surfing to look at the many Katrina-related photos posted to Flickr — take this cluster of photos for example. Or the most interesting photos tagged with “katrina.”

Complete Beauty

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