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We made it into Orleans Parish without any challenge by the authorities. We are now comfortably ensconced at Howie’s house in Algiers.

We delivered our van-full of supplies to Malik’s place, which is serving as a community supply and distribution center, and we delivered our medical supplies to the Common Ground medical clinic.

Then we went out for a drink. There’s very little open here — it is like a ghost town — but we found a little cocktail lounge just around the corner, serving mostly cops and firefighters.

Katrina damage is evident everywhere here: bent roadsigns, toppled brick walls, trees snapped in two. Algiers had been somewhat repopulated and signs of cleanup are evident too, but Rita put all that on hold and emptied the place out again.

Tomorrow we get up early and attempt to cross the river and get into Mid-City to our homes. This may be difficult.

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  1. Crikes!

    Xy and B.Rox – did not realize the situ of the situ (bad anglaid). Hope you folks are okay and that folks are doing as best one can … considering … Rita and all. Katrina a travesty of Federal responsibility – ‘The [bozo] command was playing golf?!

    Good job guys. At lot of empathy from here – CHICHESTER, UK.

    Kepp (Duetsche misspelling) up the goodwil, spirit and strength! People will thank you.

    QUARK (Tym – ex-email seeking Jaylene contact)

    P.S. Into film, when you’re able and ready, after all this terrible situ – let’s talk film. Okay? Please let me know via email. I do not know how to politely blog. Sorry.


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