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I’m not sure exactly what chitterlings (a.k.a. chitlins) are, and I’m not sure I want to know, but I just had a plate-full at the Two Sisters Restaurant. I don’t think I’d order them again. Don’t get me wrong: I cleaned my plate. But I liked the greens and the yams and the potato salad a whole lot more.

It was our first time at the Two Sisters (not to be confused with the famous Court of Two Sisters in the Quarter). Seems like a pretty good place for soul food. Breakfast and lunch only, cash only, quite busy. I’ll have to remember to go back some Thursday for their rabbit special.

Xy had the hen.


One of the pleasures of summer is having lunch with Xy just about every day, usually at home. She goes back to school tomorrow, so this was our last weekday lunch together for a while.

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  1. Mark Mark


    Popular in Southern cooking, chitterlings are the small intestines of animals, usually freshly slaughtered pigs. Once cleaned, chitterlings must be simmered until tender. They can then be served with a sauce, added to soups, battered and fried or used in a sausage casing.

  2. Mad Pierre Mad Pierre

    Just got back from a holiday in France where we stopped on our way home at a restaurant in Rouen for lunch. I can’t remember the last time I ordered something in a restaurant that I could not eat but I had “Andouille Ancienne” or words to that effect, thinking that it would be one of the lovely looking country sausages that I had seen in the charcuteries/boucheries in rural france. It was heaving !! My daughter said that it smelt like dog food and I actually gagged at one point !! It was a stark reminder of how little I know/understand about cuisine and I promise to be more bold in future (but a referal to “chitterlings” in the translation of any food will leave me nervous at best !!

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