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Three Mile Hike


Michael H. and David B. and I went for a three-mile hike along an abandoned railway corridor that cuts through Mid-City. We think it’s an excellent candidate for a rails-to-trails conversion. This was an just initial exploratory scoping. More to come. (I took a couple hundred photos!)

Three Mile Hike

I also got a sunburn.

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  1. […] It got my attention because I’d also had my eye on that parcel of land as part of a rails-to-trails project that I was researching pre-Katrina. […]

  2. […] On May 21st of last year, with a couple friends, I hiked about three miles through New Orleans following the (mostly) abandoned Norfolk-Southern rail line. This line runs from Armstrong Park to Canal Boulevard, through the area known as the “Lafitte Corridor.” (Click to enlarge the map.) […]

  3. […] this is the right choice at this moment. It so happens that David was the person who first got me interested in the Lafitte Greenway project which has been slowly inching […]

  4. […] Friends of Lafitte Corridor for five years. (In fact it’s been a personal vision of mine for six years.) I was at the meeting where Design Workshop was selected last summer. Since then, we’ve been […]

  5. […] and very proud of the role I’ve played in moving it forward. I convened the inaugural hike in May of 2005; I was a founding member of Friends of Lafitte Corridor; I’ve served as FOLC’s […]

  6. […] greenway. At last. As the Advocate article notes, it’s been almost nine years since I took my first hike along the Lafitte Corridor. Over the years the project has encountered many setbacks and […]

  7. […] reminds me why I first got motivated to pursue the construction of a trail in the Lafitte Corridor ten years ago, and why the work of groups like FOLC and Bike Easy is so important. We need to do better by our […]

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