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  1. Was it from this guy??


    March 15, 2005
    No Need to Stew: A Few Tips to Cope With Life’s Annoyances

    When Seth Shepsle goes to Starbucks, he orders a “medium” because
    “grande” – as the coffee company calls the size, the one between big
    and small – annoys him.

    Meg Daniel presses zero whenever she hears a computerized operator on
    the telephone so that she can talk to a real person. “Just because
    they want a computer to handle me doesn’t mean I have to play along,”
    she said.

    When subscription cards fall from magazines Andrew Kirk is reading,
    he stacks them in a pile at the corner of his desk. At the end of
    each month, he puts them in the mail but leaves them blank so that
    the advertiser is forced to pay the business reply postage without
    gaining a new subscriber.

    Life can involve big hardships, like being fired or smashing up your
    car. There is only so much you can do about them. But far more
    prevalent – and perhaps in the long run just as insidious – are
    life’s many little annoyances.

    These, you can do something about. [snip]

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