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Hot Juice

I went to the Farmers’ Market in Mid-City yesterday and picked up some cilantro pesto for dinner. It was good (but pricey at $5.50).

I also got a bottle of fresh-squeezed juice: apple and lemon and habanero pepper. Wow! It was delicious, ice cold and spicy hot.

I’ve never had spicy fruit juice before. In fact the only spicy drinks I’ve ever had have been Bloody Marys. I’ve not seen spicy beverages on the supermarket shelves. Why not?

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  1. rcs rcs

    There’s a spicy varient of V-8, I believe. Might have been crowded out by the lo-carb and high-lycopene versions.

  2. That’s true — but it’s not a sweet fruit juice. At least the spicy V8 I’m recalling was more savory.

    I think the market for sweet and spicy juice is wide open. Someone could make a bundle.

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