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Kneecap Recap

My right knee, which I twisted in December, is getting better every day. I had been favoring it, limping, and generally trying to stay off of it. Seems that was the wrong approach, as my sister pointed out to me. It just got stiffer and weaker. So I’ve been trying to walk normally, and it really seems to be helping. I’m still strapping on the knee brace for my bike ride to and from work, but I’m about ready to dispense with that.

So, in honor of my rapidly improving right knee, I’m proud to announce the release of “My Left Knee,” which I scraped up in October. It’s a 1.9 MB QuickTime video, not optimized for the net, so you’ll have to download the whole thing before you can watch it. (On my Mac it plays with nifty dissolves, which are missing on my Windows machine.) The concept was inspired by Rick Dietz.

Watch out for the big scab in the middle. Bonus points if you can identify the music without googling.

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