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Broken Window

We took Jaylene out to Lafitte National Park Saturday afternoon. When we got back, we discovered a window in the back door was broken, and a rock was lying on the floor of the kitchen!

Broken Window

Upon further investigation, we found a number of rocks scattered about the back deck. One was lodged in the screen of the transom above the door.


It seemed that there was only one place these rocks could have come from: the house on the other side of our block, which shares a rear border with our yard. They’ve got a big shed back there, and whoever was throwing the rocks over the roof of the shed wouldn’t have been able to see our house at all. So I concluded that this was probably the work of careless kids rather than malicious vandals.

I went around to the house in question but no one was home.

Today, I went to the hardware store and bought a pane of glass. When I got back, Xy told me they were home, so I went around the block again and knocked on the door. I introduced myself to the woman who answered, showed her some of the rocks we’d collected, explained the whole situation, and asked if there had perhaps been some kids playing in her back yard yesterday. She called her son to the door, a teenager, but he insisted that he didn’t do it.

Well, maybe he didn’t. I don’t know for sure and I certainly can’t prove anything. I didn’t expect a confession. All I really wanted to do was show my face.

The pane of glass was not too expensive, about $5.00. But it took me a couple hours to make the replacement. What a pain in the ass!

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  1. Hiya – I’m looking for Jaylene Marsh. I went to Franklin Central High School with her in my senior year – an exchange student from little old New Zealand. I lost contact with her a couple of years ago and would love to catch up again. I googled her name and your site came up 🙂 Would really appreciate it if you could pass my email address on. Thanks heaps.

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