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The rain has not been constant. But almost. Turns out it’s Tropical Storm Matthew.

I’d said it rains a lot here in New Orleans. This is true in terms of inches (approx. 60″ per year) but we tend to have a fair amount of sunny days. We get torrential downpours, but we also get lots of sunlight; in fact the sun is brutal here, and it tends to make quite an impression on visitors if they see it. I’m not used to this much gloom. Three days of almost no sun has been very depressing to me.

It’s raining now. Nevertheless I’m trying to roast butt in the Egg. Hope to have pulled pork for dinner. The challenge is to resist the urge to lift the lid for seven hours.

Here’s some pix of the Egg on a drier day:

Brand New Egg


The rainy spell seemed like a good time to make the transition back to coffee. I’ve been off coffee for five months, drinking iced tea instead. But as of today, as of right now, I’m back on the coffee.

Update: I forgot to mention the temperature drop. We actually had two days in a row where the high was below 80, I think. But it’s so wet that it still feels hot. Also: We’re besieged with flies. Also: The pulled pork was delicious. I made my own sauce.

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