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Election results are in:

  • Should we amend the state constitution to forbid gay marriage? Most Louisiana voters said yes, surprise, surprise. What a fucking stupid idea.
  • We’ll be seeing a big turnover on the Orleans Parish School Board, which seems like a good thing. Sandra Hester didn’t win, but she came in second with a very respectable showing, something like 16% or 18%.
  • But the big story is the fact that at some 50-odd precincts, voting machines were not present when the polls opened, so people were turned away and told to come back later.
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  1. Michael Michael

    I think if my fellow Louisianians could vote on a petition to kill all Muslims it would pass overwhelmingly. Did you see the editorials in the paper today? One was about poll workers helpfully explain how not to vote gay. The other was about two partners that have been together for more than a decade who could not see each other during a crisis because of the former bill written by a guy on his third marriage. That editorial, if memory serves, ends by saying that he hoped married people felt more secure, otherwise the bill was just plain mean.

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