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Bad Cat

I was supposed to take our fat cat, Archer, to the vet today for a follow-up. We’ve had her on reduced rations for the last month to bring her weight down. Plus she’s on some kind of antihistamine to help with her labored breathing.

But I couldn’t get her into the cage! Archer has never really been comfortable with me. I approached her with a treat, but she acted like she didn’t know what it was, which is a laugh because she loves to eat, which is why she’s so fat. I advanced; she retreated. She went under the neighbor’s house, and then up onto the neighbor’s roof into her favorite hiding place, which is under the gutter and totally inaccessible to humans.

Xy might have had better luck rounding Archer up, since Archer likes her more than me, but she was at a teacher workshop. So I had to call the vet and reschedule for next week.

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