If I haven’t written here as much lately, perhaps it’s because I feel constrained from public discussion of many of the topics which are currently preoccupying me. There’s an election coming up, and I’ve got opinions, but I’m afraid to express them. Whoever wins, FOLC will have to work with them. It won’t help FOLC’s […]

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I’m back at work today after a good twelve day break. It was nice being home and spending more time with the girl, who is growing so fast now. Unfortunately one of my co-workers had a more troubling break. Her husband is in the hospital, and it’s doubtful that he will come out again, though […]

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I got a job! John Byers hired me to help with a renovation he’s doing. I spent about four hours this morning pulling nails out of dismantled cabinetry and pulling floorboards up in an attic. It was sweaty and dirty work but not particularly difficult. I suppose I’m doing it more for the sake of […]

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