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Bad news everywhere. The sunken barge shifted in the Mississippi last night, spilling yet more oil into the river. Stacy Head (my Council rep) is attacking Jerome Smith for no good reason. Derrick “Saggy Pants” Shepherd is going down in flames.

But I don’t care, because I got a new monitor at work.

Actually, I got the monitor a couple weeks ago, only to discover to my chagrin that I couldn’t get full resolution without a graphics card upgrade. So it’s been sitting to the side, unplugged, until today.

The card has arrived, and I am rocking four megapixels.

Back to Work

I’m back at work today after a three-month leave. It feels weird to be sitting in my office instead of taking care of baby or sweating some renovation details.

It seems today is also my boss’ birthday. Funny thing, her husband is a local blogger, but she doesn’t read his blog as a rule, just like my wife doesn’t read my blog. After a talk we had last year, my boss said she wouldn’t read this blog either, because we agreed it could produce some odd dynamics and also what’s the point of reading someone’s blog when you see them every day?

Of course, over the past months I haven’t seen much of my co-workers, so this blog may have been a good way for them to catch up on my life. But I do sincerely hope that my boss isn’t reading this now…