Thanks to my friend Jason Neville for bringing this choice piece of research to my attention: “We put rats in relatively large areas with objects and routes resembling those in Manhattan,” explains Prof. Eilam. The rats, he found, do the same things humans do: They establish a grid system to orient themselves. Using the grid, […]

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So last night, in his big “religion” speech, Mitt Romney warned of nefarious forces bent on “establishing a new religion in America — the religion of secularism.” Meanwhile, a new poll reveals more Americans believe in the devil than Darwin’s theory of evolution. Those results hardly suggest a rising tide of secularism. I’m forced to […]

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According to NASA, 2005 was the hottest year on record. These numbers are alarming, and that’s just the tip of the (rapidly melting) iceberg. 2005 wasn’t even an El NiƱo year. It is no longer correct to say that “most global warming occurred before 1940”. More specifically, there was slow global warming, with large fluctuations, […]

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