This story in the paper made me feel ever-so-slightly vindicated about our decision to renovate. A new study of home prices around the New Orleans area shows that buyers rewarded sellers who gambled and rebuilt in devastated areas like Lakeview, eastern New Orleans and Chalmette. Renovated homes in those areas recovered much of their pre-storm […]

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Imagine picking up a newspaper and scanning through all the stories on the front page and finding no reference whatsoever to Katrina, no reference to the Federal Flood, no reference to the so-called recovery. Somewhere on the planet there are places where the newspaper is full of other stories. I wonder what that’s like.

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I heard a thump on the porch and went out to see the newspaper had been delivered. Ordinary enough, you say, but here’s the rub: It’s Sunday’s paper being delivered at 5 PM Saturday afternoon. I opened it up, relishing the notion of reading tomorrow’s news, but was disappointed to discover sections A, B & […]

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