I participated today in a panel discussion at Loyola, sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. Kind of funny, given that I am not a professional journalist. The topic: “Online User Comments and its impact on news coverage, news Web sites and freedom of speech.” My fellow participants were all involved in one way or […]

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I spent a good part of the last three days at a conference entitled Humanity and the Earth: The Legacy of Élisée Reclus (1830-1905). It was put together by John Clark at Loyola University. Topics included “Classical Anarchism in the Age of Reclus,” “Kropotkin and Reclus’ Friendship and the Cross-fertilization of Ideas,” “The Future of […]

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Xy and I went to see Jonathan Kozol speak at Loyola. He’s the guy who wrote Savage Inequalities; I’ve never read it, but Xy did when she was in grad school, and it made a big impression. Plus tonight’s a rare school night when Xy didn’t have any homework. So we went. My boss told […]

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