Most if not all of the major spiritual traditions on our planet seem to embrace the path as a metaphor. Maybe that’s why I’ve found the prospect of a greenway in the Lafitte Corridor so inspiring over the years. There’s been something very compelling about imagining a trail in what is currently fallow, empty land […]

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Been a little too preoccupied to write much here the last few days. Taking care of a sick daughter. Also visiting with my parents; I haven’t seen them as much as one might suppose as they’re staying at Camp Restore and doing volunteer work to help rebuild New Orleans. Nevertheless life churns on. I suppose […]

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The leadership program, which was offered through Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, was intensive. But at the end of each twelve hour day, I was both exhausted and energized. The pedagogy was like nothing I’ve seen before. The faculty worked to create and enact the very ideas we were discussing. It was somewhat mind-boggling. The […]

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Somehow or another I’m going to Harvard next month for a leadership conference at the Kennedy School of Government. Apparently the Broadmoor Civic Improvement Association got a grant (from Shell, I think) to send some folks to this conference, and they decided to spread it around. So I’m going from Mid-City along with representatives from […]

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