The ubiquity of Facebook plus the end of Net Neutrality plus the conversion of the open internet into increasingly walled off proprietary information delivery systems is turning the public sphere into a much less free place than it ever has been and people seem to LOVE IT. — jeffrey on nolablist (walled off proprietary information […]

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A photo I took in 2005 was recently used to spur a collaborative writing assignment. I have no idea where the class was even located. I only found this through Flickr’s referrer logs. The students used EtherPad to collaborate, allowing me to see the final product. Here are their instructions. As a group pick one […]

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After a week of delays and two whole days wasted on tech support calls, I was finally online. I was ready to write a damning invective criticizing Apple and an encomium praising the Computer Shoppe. I pointed my browser to my blog, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a notice: Your account […]

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I’m rooting for Grokster, of course, in the case being argued at Ye Olde Supreme Court today. I mention this mainly because I make use of the peer-to-peer Gnutella network for a “substantial noninfringing use” — namely, to distribute ROX videos. I keep Acquistion running most of the time on my home computer. But I […]

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I sent the following query to Computer Chronicles via the contact form on their website: I am trying to research the question of the first television show broadcast on the Internet. I have found a number of references indicating Computer Chronicles went online in 1995. Is any more information available regarding this event? In particular, […]

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