It’s hot in New Orleans. The sun is just blazing. It’s 91ºF, according to 56% relative humidity. Heat index of 100ºF. But the amazing thing is, I just rode my bicycle from work to home — and didn’t break a sweat. Not even a fine sheen of perspiration. Nothing. I don’t feel overheated, either. […]

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I’d hoped to spend the day floating down the Bogue Chitto in an innertube. But for some damn reason, the place we planned to patronize (Wayne’s World) isn’t renting today. I guess they’re afraid of a big electrical storm. So I went to work instead, which isn’t bad, but it’s not the same as floating […]

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It’s not raining, but it feels like it. I felt like I was swimming on my way to work this morning. It feels like breathing water. I think I’m growing gills. You sweat just standing still. Everything’s stuck together. Paper curls up. Straight hair turns curly. Curly hair turns straight. Wrinkles vanish from clothing. How […]

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