Viriler. That’s the word I used as the first play of our first game of Scrabble last night. (It was four-way Scrabble: Xy vs. me vs. MaPĆ³ vs. Martin, whom we had over for basil burgers.) Because it cleared my tray, it was worth 70-some points, and of course awed my opponents. A pretty good […]

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So yesterday a homeless man from Austin had his case against the state of Texas heard before the Supreme Court, and yet none of my friends from Austin have supplied any details, juicy or otherwise. I think this is an important case. It could have far-reaching implications vis-a-vis the separation of church and state. I’m […]

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Dr. Michael Newdow is back with a vengeance. He’s just filed another suit against the “under God” phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance — this time with eight other plaintiffs. Strangely enough, the New York Times article about this doesn’t make mention of the fact that he’s also filed suit against the saying of a […]

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The North County Times is running a story titled “For local atheist, Southwest County no paradise” about an activist in California. I’m sure this is what many people have in mind when they think of an atheist: a guy with inflammatory bumperstickers who puts the kybosh on prayers at the city council meeting. Yet it’s […]

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For years, whenever I have referred to myself as an atheist, some friends have inevitably made a suggestion: Perhaps I should call myself an agnostic. Such advice is well-intentioned but confusing. I think some people may suggest this because they have strong negative associations with atheism. It’s a nasty word, and they don’t want to […]

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