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The Evacuation That Wasn’t

So remember how I said we were heading out — buggin’ — evacuating?

That didn’t happen.

We were planning to go, but the hurricane parties here were just too good to resist.

Ride the Storm Out

Actually the real reason is that our anticipated path was looking worse and worse for a return drive. Of course we could have gone west, or east, but straight north was where we wanted to go, and that wasn’t looking very smart. Personally I was inclined to stay here anyhow. Xy was vacillating, changing her mind every twenty minutes or so. Realizing we’d need to drive back through the storm to return home sealed the decision.

We did go around the corner to Michael and Therese’s for a pre-storm brunch party this morning. Sue and Steve and family were also there. Sue had experienced similar evacuation vacillation. It’s not always easy to make the call. I gather the majority of New Orleanians are planning to stay in place for Isaac.

We are back home now. The weather has been breezy and pleasant so far, bands of sun and rain. We’ve battened the hatches and are prepared for several days without power or water. We expect the worst of the weather between sundown tonight and sundown tomorrow. NOAA is now estimating we have less than a 30% chance of experiencing hurricane winds. It’s looking less and less like a wind event and more and more like a rain event. Both can be serious in their own way.

Here’s a mix, music performed or written by the late great Isaac Hayes. I guess Memphis will be getting a taste of Isaac shortly after we do, so this seems doubly appropriate.


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