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Mid-City New Year Ritual

For what it’s worth (probably not much) ever since my daughter was born we’ve approached the New Year a little differently. The new year just before she was born happened to be the last time the bonfire on Orleans Avenue raged in all its wild untamed glory. After that the bonfire was tamed and then extinguished. Though I loved the bonfire, I understand the danger, and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to take an infant into that chaos. So, for the last three years, we have lit a single candle in front of our house at midnight. With whatever friends are present, we all run around the candle in a circle three times. I’m happy to say I learned this magic ritual right here in Mid-City. Just imagine if everyone here did something similar. It would be like a miniature, distributed bonfire. No one could ever shut it down, and we’d be known as the craziest neighborhood in the city.

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