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A Particular Day in 1999

Although I started this blog in 2004, I’ve added bits and pieces to extend the story back to May of 1999, when Xy and I first moved to New Orleans. I recently rediscovered a write-up from way back when, so in lieu of the present, I invite you to cast your mind back to August 2, 1999. Ah, those were younger and more innocent days. We were living in the Warehouse District, I’d only been working at the University for a scant two months, I hardly knew my way around town, I’d just given up on the bus but had not yet adopted the habit of riding my bike to work, and I could still be shocked by the summer heat.

Footnote: That entry was originally published in my friend Rachel’s zine Daybook, which also provided the impetus for actually writing the entry in the first place. (So, thank you Rachel.) I wrote a much more ambitious and detailed account of a day in October of 2000. I wanted to submit it to the second edition of Daybook but never got around to it. We are now coming up on the tenth anniversary of that otherwise unremarkable day. I’d like to publish it here for the sake of completeness, plus I think it’s interesting, but it may be just a little too detailed. There are just a few things in there that could get me in trouble. Yes, even after ten years.So I’m trying to figure out just how honest I’m really prepared to be.

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