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Bully Boy

Here are the seminars I’ll be attending at Tales of the Cocktail. You can expect an in-depth account of each one on this blog come late July.

  • Prohibition & Gin: “This seminar will explore gin and gin cocktails during some of the golden years of the cocktail (1890’s – 1919), the Bath Tub Gin and Gin Cocktails that came during the dark days of Prohibition and Prohibition’s effect on the gin industry in US after that noble experiment.”
  • A Shot of Black Stuff: Amazing Amaros and Brilliant Bitters: “From the simple frat-house pleasures of Jagermeister to the artisanal charms of Braulio and of course the take-no-prisoners of Fernet Branca and Underberg, you’ll learn, (and likely forget) the hundreds of herbs that give these drinks their intense flavour, as well as their serving styles, both old and new.”
  • Armagnac, France’s First Brandy: “Alain Royer Cognac and Armagnac authority explores the history and production of Frances oldest grape brandy. Find out why although Cognac is Frances biggest export brandy Armagnac is its most beloved by at home.”
  • I Hate Vodka, I Love Vodka: “Despite Vodka being one of the worlds most popular spirits it has become much maligned in today’s mixology community. A lively debate on one of todays most contentious spirit categories. The debate will be comprised of two speakers for the case of Vodka and two against.”
  • Religious Spirits: “in depth tasting and discussion of the history and lasting influences of the Trappists, Carthusians, Benedictines, Malthusians and other sacred orders.”

Five seminars maxes out my media “budget” but I’ve also got my eye on this one:

  • The Eggpire Strikes Back: “A presentation that hopes to clear up all the confusion, myths, and abuse of the world’s most feared cocktail ingredient: the egg.”
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