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Maundy Census Fool


Today is Census Day — and also April Fool’s Day — and also Maundy (aka Holy) Thursday. How best to celebrate?

Here’s what some of my friends said:

Andrea J: Maybe by filling out your Census with false information and then going to church to repent for your silliness.

Anthony F: Take a pregnant woman to Bethlehem to sign up for the census. When the Roman’s ask about who’s kid it is, tell them yours. Won’t those Roman’s be surprised.

Cynthia B: Peeps!!!

Juan F: Get drunk!

Kurt D: Put your hand down your neighbor’s pants, take count of working bits and tell them thank God it was a joke. (That covered all 3 correct? Do I win a prize?)

Jeff Lamb: count yourself lucky and have a beer

But I think I found the perfect activity: I’m filing my taxes. Think about it. It’s reporting to the government, it involves plenty of fibbing, and a generally mournful attitude pervades.

As for the photo above, it’s from 25 years ago. Greenwood Community High School. February 6th, 1985, to be exact. Right in the middle of Spirit Week. The Student Council had planned a "Punk Day," but our fearless leader, Principal Crawford, forbade that idea. It was re-named "Future Day."

We the students chose to have "Punk Day" anyway. This set of four pictures bears testimony to how our suburban Midwestern imaginations conceived the notion of "punk."

No it doesn’t really have any connection to Maundy Census Fool’s Thursday, but the photos are so fun I had to stick ’em somewhere.

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