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City Walk

Xy and I took part tonight in the third City Walk sponsored by Silence Is Violence. The concept is simple: People gather at a designated neighborhood spot and walk to another spot in an adjacent neighborhood. The first week they walked from the Marigny (I think) to the 7th Ward. The next week, the path led from the 7th Ward to Mid-City. Tonight we walked from the Parkway Bakery in Mid-City to Daiquiri Island in Gert Town. Turnout was a little low, less than twenty, presumably because of French Quarter Fest. But we were glad we went. Soul Rebels played when we got to Daiquiri Island. I’ve wanted to see them for years.

Walking round in the 6th Ward
Everybody knows who we are
Soul Rebels in the place to be
Let your mind be free

Free your mind with education
Help to build a better nation
Stop killing for recreation
Let your mind be free

If you’re in New Orleans, I highly recommend getting in the loop with Silence Is Violence, and do the City Walk when they come into your neighborhood.

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