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Yard Work, Continued

The other weird thing about the yard work we did on Easter Sunday is that a lot of it wasn’t really in our yard at all. We’ve started taking care of our next door neighbor’s yard. Craig is not coming back to New Orleans. He’s built a new house in Texas. Meanwhile, his house here in New Orleans sits unoccupied. Most of the contents have been removed. He hasn’t put it on the market yet. I don’t know what he plans to do.

Meanwhile, vegetation continues to grow. Here in the subtropics, if you don’t trim the vegetation back it will take over quickly. So we got in there Sunday and went to work.

Turning the earth, I found bricks set in a double row next to our house, technically on our property, which haven’t seen the light in years.

Amidst the overgrowth, I found an old doorknob and the pieces of a broken shrine.

Broken Shrine

I’m vaguely aware that there’s something sad about all this. But I am still amazed by the strange beauty that can be found, even amidst destruction.


I wish I’d gotten a picture of the neighbor girls helping us, trying not to get their Easter clothes dirty. They were cute and sweet.

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