Last night the sky was luminous. Even though there are no streetlights for at least three blocks in any direction, the city was still reflecting light off a thick layer of low-hanging clouds.

The light coming in our windows was brighter than the full moon. It was hot and damp. Spooky, unsettling weather.

I was awoken in the wee hours by a light rainfall. Soon I heard thunder in the distance.

A little later, we got a full-on deluge, and I discovered my tarp job wasn’t quite as good as I’d thought. Nothing sucks like scrambling for pots and towels in the middle of the night in a house without lights. I sure hope my roofer can get to us soon.

The rain was the vanguard of a cold front. Now it’s seriously chilled down, and tonight the clouds are high and thin, and it’s dark outside. I’m just glad our wall furnaces are working.

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