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Barely Working

My sinuses are clogged. I’m kind of dizzy and disoriented. I’m blowing a lot of snot. And the cold seems to be wanting to take up residence in my chest. When I inhale really deeply I can feel a rattle deep in the bottom of my lungs.

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow.

So why am I even at work today? I was just bored with lying around the house, and I’m pretty sure Xy was getting tired of me too.

I’m pretty sure I caught this damn bug from her. But she kept plugging — never missed a day of work — and though she’s still blowing snot, she’d pretty much over it. It never moved into her chest. Which makes me wonder if my strategy of taking it easy and getting lots of rest was somehow counterproductive. After all, it seems that when I was favoring my knee back in January, it just made it worse. It didn’t get better until I started walking on it normally.

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