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Light & Air

My big project for today was installing a new ceiling fan in our bedroom.

First I had to buy one. Instead of going out to a Home Depot in the suburbs, I went to Armstrong’s which is only a few blocks from our house in Mid-City. I had to wait my turn, but it was well worth it, because the saleslady was very helpful. The ceiling fans weren’t just off-the-shelf kits; you had to build your own. I couldn’t have put together all the components without some assistance. I ended up taking home a Craftmade Phoenix PX52 with a brushed nickel finish, oak blades, a four bulb lamp and some really nifty irridescent glass shades.

Of course, before I could install it, I had to remove the old defunct fan. It had never really worked right since we moved in. It was always extremely wobbly and noisy and I could never get it balanced. Sometime this summer the fan stopped working, and just a week or two ago the pull for the light came out, rendering it completely useless.

So, out with the old, in with the new.

Light & Air

It was actually easier to install than I’d expected. The whole job probably took two hours. And it seems to work beautifully.

Fan Flower

A good ceiling fan is really not optional in New Orleans. It’s essential. With the fan, we may not need to run the AC in our bedroom tonight. Did I mention that the highs have still been in the upper 80s, even though it’s the end of October? Summer hasn’t ended yet.

I got carried away and bought a new floorlamp at Armstrong’s too. It’s beautiful.


If you want more detail you can look at the top or the base.

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