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100,000 Spam E-mails

I’ve been letting the Mac OS X Mail client decide what’s junk for the last seventeen months. As of this morning, it has identified 100,031 e-mail messages as junk and filed them away, sight unseen, in a designated junk folder. That’s 44,288 messages to my “private” e-mail address; the rest have accumulated through a couple accounts that I manage for other people.

Of my 44,288 junk mail messages, the most popular subject line seems to be — no subject at all. I ran a few keyword searches and found these results:

  • 985 home
  • 727 loan
  • 609 penis
  • 545 vicodin
  • 523 viagra
  • 508 money
  • 457 mortgage
  • 376 sex
  • 195 enlarge
  • 193 women
  • 149 cialis
  • 60 wow
  • 50 orgasm
  • 34 xxx
  • 34 hydrocodone
  • 2 vagina

This is hardly a scientific statistical analysis, but it’s amusing to see “penis” beat “vagina” by such a margin. Need I add that with such a large volume of spam it’s impossible to be sure there isn’t any legit mail buried in there somewhere? But I’ve wasted too much time on this already. It’s time to delete this 199 MB load of crap.

A pox on all spammers.

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