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Editor B’s Year-End Closeout

Yo here’s a mix of my favorite tracks released in 2009.

There’s 23 in all, so it’s about an hour and a half long. 8tracks terms forbid me from providing a complete listing, but I can tell you there’s some music by A Tiny Window, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, and Интеркосмос (aka Interkosmos). Enjoy, and have a happy new year.

Of course, it’s also the end of the decade. The Aughts really kind of sucked as a decade. 9/11, wars, hurricanes, the flooding of New Orleans, financial crisis. Here’s hoping the Teens are better.

But the Aughts saw plenty of good music, so I’m kicking out the jams on radio.rox, playing through 1300 of my favoritest tracks released over the last ten years. This will take about four days to play, and we’re not even halfway through yet. So tune in and listen a while, if you dare. Should continue through January 2nd. Enjoy, and have a happy new decade.

I’d hoped to post by now my reflections on our trip out west for Xmas, pictures of our new house, buying a new (used) vehicle, and compiling a list of my top ten albums of the decade, but life has just been kicking my ass. So check back here in the new decade and maybe I’ll get around to that.

Oh — one last thing to accompany the mix. I created my first gallery on Flickr. Check out My Phavorite Photos of 2009.

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