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Does this image of the Ten Commandments ring any bells?


Well, if you know me, it should look vaguely familiar. Those are my teeth. It’s a remix by a Flickr user “zeevveez” in Jerusalem which uses a photo I took of my own teeth just over four years ago:

My Teeth

That’s what I love about Creative Commons, the license under which I published that toothy photo. It allows such collaborations, some of which are quite surprising. I never dreamed my teeth would be so honored.

Update: My far-flung collaborator has posted a blog entry about the image. Unfortunately for me it’s in Hebrew. I ran it through Google Translator but I still can’t make heads or tails of it.

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  1. “V’sheenontom l’vanecha” is how to pronounce it phonetically.

    It means “And you shall teach it to your children”, from a prayer called the Sh’ma. It pertains to teaching the basic tenet of the Torah, which is “Hear O Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is one.”

    In this case, though, it’s looking like “And you shall teeth it to your children”…

  2. The hebrew word “shen” (tooth) is used in Hebrew as a synonym for the Hebrew word for “teach” and it appears in the Ten commandments which look traditionaly like 2 stone tablets which looked similar to my own front teeth when I cleaned them a few days ago. All this is to show you what happens to a blogger who writes day and night, for a long period, about the Bible and starts seeing Bible verses even in the most ordinary daily life scenes.

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