We just got a “survey” from State Senator Derrick Shepherd. Maybe he’s taking his cues from Senator Murray, who sent us a “survey” back in May. I’m a little surprised by this since we’re not actually in Sen. Shepherd’s district, but what the hell. The man who brought us the Saggy Pants bill is full of surprises.

For the first five questions we are supposed to circle whether we agree (strongly or somewhat) or disagree (somewhat or strongly).

  1. Levee repair and strengthening should be the top priority of elected officials
  2. The housing shortage in metro New Orleans is the major cause in the delay of our recovery
  3. Instead of reopening Big Charity Hospital, the state should open community health clinics throughout the metropolitan area
  4. We should find ways to use Katrina debris to restore our wetlands
  5. We should not allow the federal government to rebuild public housing and operate it the way it was done in the past; we have to be more creative about how we provide public housing or housing assistance
  6. Who is responsible for the severe breakdown of the criminal justice system in New Orleans?

For that final question the choices are: District Attorney, Police Chief, Criminal Court Judges, or (drum roll please) The Criminals.

I think it’s self-evident that this is a completely worthless instrument for taking the measure of public opinion, so I won’t bother to expound on its deficiencies. It truly speaks for itself.

A footnote reveals this mailing wasted $15,107.00 of the taxpayer’s money.

The ultimate insult is on the other side of the card, where it says “PLACE STAMP HERE.” Yes, we’re supposed to return this “survey” (and I use the term loosely) on our own dime.

  1. The purpose of this “survey” is to develop a list of people who are simpatico with Shepherds reactionary agenda. Such suckers will be hit up for $$ when Shepherd runs for Congress again.

  2. That thing about using storm debris to build hurricane protection–that’s just mondo stupid. I was almost going to respond to the survey until I got to that one. What tripe. And as you noted, on our nickel. Bart, when are you gonna run? I’ve got a crisp new $100 bill that I’m ready to donate to your campaign!



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